Dramady Answer Only To the Sea

Dramady is Amanda Mason Wiles, (Rollerball, Six Foot Sloth, Pink Widower, Ape Shape) and Zacery Quintin Stanley, (Narwhal vs. Narwhal, Six Foot Sloth, Miss Massive Snowflake). The band’s dynamic two-member structure engages listeners and audiences with Wiles on bass and tenor saxophone, Stanley on simultaneous drums, keyboard and vocals, and a precise use of loops and harmony to achieve a full sound. 

Answer Only to the Sea is their 2nd full-length release since forming in 2006, with a couple of amazing EP’s in between. All of the songs on the album were written by Stanley and Wiles, and recorded at Arbor Lodge Studios in Portland, Oregon by Pall Jenkins, (Three Mile Pilot, The Black Heart Procession, Mr. Tube), in the spring of 2013. The new album will also be their first release on vinyl.

The album is a tribute to the bands authentic style and the transcendent pure sounds that they create together.  Pall Jenkins’ taut recording technique harnesses Dramady’s driving rhythm tracks allowing room for their inventive vocal harmonies, playful lyricism, and their ear for the perfect hook. While each song contains moments that will replay in your head for days, the album oscillates between more serene yet upbeat tracks such as “Keep it Up,” “Casual Sludge,” and the pulsing, danceable “Downlow” and “I Wanna be Good;” creating a balance which keeps the listener engaged.  During recording, Jenkins described the album as a mix between Billie Jean era Michael Jackson and The Flaming Lips.

Dramady is based in Portland, Oregon and the bands roots are deeply embedded in Portland’s vital music scene. Dramady has been performing and writing continuously since their formation in 2006. Last summer Dramady traveled as support for Three Mile Pilot’s West Coast tour.  Dramady’s incarnation came about in the height of a hilarious life drama, hence the name. Their music is inspired by real life events, their hopes, and their dreams. The duo create unique highly grooved blissed out rhythmical pop. This is the type of music that would have John Peel on the phone begging for a session.

On their summer tour through the Southwest and California with dates in SF, San Diego, Tucson, Taos, and Denver, Dramady will introduce songs from the album prior to its official release date set for November 12th, 2013.


Go Home                                                           

Two Ghosts in One Costume

Diggin’ A Hole 

Keep It Up

Glow In The Dark


I Wanna Be Good

Good Art 


Your Survival

Casual Sludge

November 12th, 2013





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 |  A
 |  B
 |  C
 |  D
 |  E
 |  F
 |  G
 |  H
 |  I
 |  J
 |  K
 |  L
 |  M
 |  N
 |  O
 |  P
 |  Q
 |  R
 |  S
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 |  U
 |  V
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