Shivastep Shivastep

From deep down on the road of excess, Shivastep's debut EP echoes with the sound of pop culture finally consuming itself. The rhythms of these six songs propel you into the cathartic swirl of that final dance. Laced with deep, heavy 808s and grimy, euphoric synthesizer stabs, the music hits right to the gut and demands engagement. Thoroughly composed, these songs transform, shift and diverge, tracking a journey that is never short of thrilling whether lost in sweaty abandon or closed eye contemplation.

Styles, genres and vocals are used and abused, discarded and disregarded as SUPERBASS explodes from bouncy R&B to all out heavy trance blitz and back. EXCESS mines deep sub bass chambers until striking a saw wave geyser and flooding over. LUSTDANCE hits the floor with an explosive rhythm and siren like melody beckoning seductively. RIP absolutely levitates with its trance builds only to collapse in a raucous climax. HGIH's heavy bass and dirty beats spare no one. ILL's mutant footwork snares roll out one of the hardest and most irresistible beats of the whole EP, pounding out a screaming climax that will leave dust in the air. 

In melding the visceral pulse of dance music, the melodic gratification of a pop song and the experimental dismissal of genre, Shivastep's music becomes like a drug. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and the listener is brought along on the exciting journey.

Track Number Records
October 2nd, 2012



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