Roster: D

D E N ACash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools 01/29/2013Kitsune
D33JGravel 11/19/2013Anticon
Dada LifeLove Vibrations 03/31/2010The Hours
Dads"Chewing Ghosts" Single 09/11/20146131 Records
DadsI'll Be The Tornado 10/14/20146131
DaedelusLove To Make Music To 06/23/2008Ninja Tune
DaedelusMake It So EP 05/23/2008Ninja Tune
DaedelusLive at Low End Theory 01/30/2008Alpha Pup
DaedelusFair Weather Friends EP 10/11/2007Ninja Tune
DaedelusDenies the Day's Demise 07/23/2007Mush
DaedelusThrow a Fit EP 07/23/2007Daedelus
DaedelusRighteous Fists of Harmony 03/28/2010Brainfeeder
DaedelusBespoke 04/04/2011Ninja Tune
DaedelusDrown Out 11/26/2013Anticon
Daedelus & JoggerFriends of Friends Volume 1 02/25/2009FoF Music
Daedelus & JoggerFriends of Friends Vol 1 REMIXED 07/28/2009FoF Music
Dag för DagBoo 04/26/2011Ceremony Recordings
Dale Earnhardt Jr. JrHorse Power EP 08/13/2010Quite Scientific
Dale Earnhardt Jr. JrIt's A Corporate World 05/30/2011Quite Scientific
Dâm-FunkInnaFocusedDaze 09/20/2011Scion A/V
Dan Casey Empty City 10/22/2013Ceremony
Dan DeaconSpiderman of the Rings 07/21/2007Carpark
Dan DeaconBromst 03/10/2009Carpark Records
dan le sac VS Scroobius PipLook For The Woman EP 08/10/2008Strange Famous
dan le sac VS Scroobius PipAngles 08/15/2008Strange Famous