Roster: H

HackmanSemibreves EP 04/27/2015Halocyan
HandsSynesthesia 04/30/2013Kill Rock Stars
Hank IIIDamn Right Rebel Proud 10/08/2008Sidewalk Records
Hannah CohenPleasure Boy 04/01/2015Bella Union
Hannah GeorgasChit Chat EP 11/28/2009Hidden Pony
Hannah GeorgasHannah Georgas 10/02/2012Dine Alone Records
HarlanThe Still Beat 07/23/2007Odd Thud
Harmonic 313When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence 02/14/2009Warp
HauschkaAbandoned City 03/18/2014Temporary Residence Limited
Hawnay TroofDollar and Deed 07/23/2007Retard Disco
Head Like A KiteThere is Loud Laughter Everywhere 06/02/2008Mush
Heaters Holy Water Pool 09/25/2015Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
HeathersKingdom 01/29/2013Big3 Records
Heavy CreamDanny 07/27/2010Infinity Cat
HeCTAThe Diet 09/18/2015Merge Records
HecubaParadise 05/26/2009
HecubaModern 05/08/2012Germ
Height with FriendsRock and Roll 08/14/2012Friends/Cold Rhymes
HeliosYume 09/11/2015Unseen Music
Her Space HolidaySleepy Tigers EP 10/05/2008Mush Records
Her Space HolidayBlack Cat Balloons 06/01/2011No More Good Ideas
Her Space HolidayHer Space Holiday 08/16/2011
Her Space HolidayBlack Cat Balloons EP 06/21/2011No More Good Ideas
Her Space HolidayXOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival 10/29/2008Mush Records
Hercules and Love AffairHercules and Love Affair 06/10/2008