Roster: V

V/ASilicon Graffiti 03/14/2008Circuitree Records / Catalog Records
Vaghe StelleOut of Body EP 05/06/2013Danse Noire
ValleysAre You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night? 04/30/2013Kanine Records
VandaveerDig Down Deep 04/18/2011Supply & Demand
VandaveerDivide & Conquer 08/06/2009Circuitree Records / Catalog Records
Various ArtistKitsune Parisien II 02/14/2012Kitsune
Various ArtistsSMM: Context 03/01/2011Ghostly International
Various ArtistsChronicle Soundtrack 01/19/2012Milan Records
Various ArtistsSMM: Opiate 10/29/2013Ghostly
Various ArtistsSuicide Squeeze Presents: Forever Singles 03/04/2014Suicide Squeeze
Various ArtistsWest In Dust 2012 04/10/2012West In Dust
Various ArtistsWe Were So Turned On: Manimal Vinyl's Tribute to David Bowie 09/14/2010
Various ArtistsKitsune America 05/22/2012Kitsune
Various ArtistsGildas & Jerry: Kitsune Soleil Mix 07/02/2012Kitsune
Various ArtistsKitsune Maison 14: The Pernod Absinthe Edition 10/15/2012Kitsune
Various ArtistsGildas Kitsune Club Night Mix #3 12/03/2012Kitsune
Various ArtistsKitsune Parisien III 02/05/2013Kitsune
Various ArtistsKitsune America 2 04/30/2013Kitsune
Various ArtistsKitsune Soleil Mix 2 07/01/2013Kitsune
Various ArtistsKitsune Maison Compilation 15 10/21/2013Kitsuné
Various ArtistsIn the Dark: Detroit is Back 10/29/2013Still Music
Various ArtistsWe Were So Turned On: Manimal Vinyl's Tribute to David Bowie 09/14/2010Manimal Vinyl
Various ArtistsHorizon Line/Ghostly By Night 04/15/2010Ghostly International
Various ArtistsWait til the Ice Melts 03/14/2008Exponential
Various ArtistsThe Second Marriage Records Compilation 12/20/2007Marriage Records