Roster: W

W-H-I-T-EIII 05/28/2013Aagoo Records
Wagon ChristToomorrow 03/29/2011Ninja Tune
WallpaperDoodoo Face 08/26/2009Eenie Meenie
Walter MeegoVoyager 05/08/2008Almost Gold
WANDHard Knox 05/26/2009Ecstatic Peace
WarpaintExquisite Corpse 09/22/2009Manimal Vinyl
Wavepool AbortionWavepool Abortion 08/23/2011
Wax IdolsDiscipline + Desire 03/26/2013Slumberland Records
Wax IdolsSchadenfreude b/w The Last Drop 05/08/2012Suicide Squeeze
We Like CatsProper Eats 06/18/2010Marriage Records
We The People Festival2009 Music, Arts & Culture Festival 11/21/2009We The People
We Were Promised JetpacksIn The Pit Of The Stomach 10/04/2011FatCat Records
WeedRunning Back 04/07/2015Lefse Records
Weed"Thousand Pounds" Single 03/26/2015Lefse Records
WeekendSports 10/22/2010Slumberland
WeekendJinx 07/23/2013Slumberland
WeekendRed 09/20/2011Slumberland
Welcome Back Sailors Tourismo 11/24/2014We Were Never Being Boring
WestkustLast Forever 07/07/2015Run For Cover Records
When Saints Go MachineFail Forever 01/12/2011!K7 Records
When Saints Go MachineKonkylie 06/20/2011!K7 Records
White FangWHATEVER 11/29/2009Marriage Records
White FangPure Evil 08/09/2008Marriage Records
White HexGold Nights 06/24/2014Felte
White HinterlandPhylactery Factory 02/02/2008Dead Oceans