Roster: Y

Y La BambaLupon 09/10/2010Tender Loving Empire
YACHTI Believe in You. Your Magic is Real. 07/23/2007Marriage Records
YeasayerAll Hour Cymbals 11/20/2007We Are Free
YelleSafari Disco Club Remixes 11/02/2011Cooperative Music USA/Downtown Music
Yelle"L'Amour Parfait" 02/12/2013Kitsune
YeswayYesway 06/03/2014Self Released
Yola FatoushUp Out Of It 05/06/2013Time No Place
Young Athletes LeagueWe Only Feed Ourselves 03/29/2011Ceremony Recordings
Young DreamsBetween Places 03/05/2013Modular
Young Fathers Tape Two 07/09/2013anticon.
Young Fathers Dead 02/04/2014anticon.
Young GalaxyInvisible Republic 07/12/2010Paper Bag Records
Young GuvRipe 4 Luv 03/03/2015Slumberland
Young HinesGive Me My Change 04/02/2012Readymade Records
Young KnivesSuperabundance 04/08/2008Ryko
Young MagicNight In The Ocean/Slip Time 10/11/2011Carpark
Young MagicMelt 01/26/2012Carpark
Young MagicBreathing Statues 05/06/2014Carpark
Young MoonNavigated Like the Swan 07/24/2012Western Vinyl
Young PrismsIn Between 03/27/2012Kanine
Young RivalYoung Rival 05/27/2010
Youth LagoonThe Year of Hibernation 09/27/2011Fat Possum
Youth WorshipLP1 06/30/2015Self Harm Records
YppahTiny Pause 10/09/2015Counter Records
YppahThey Know What Ghost Know 07/14/2009Ninja Tune