A Mountain Of Rimowa A Mountain Of Rimowa EP

Release Date 10/04/2019


From A Love From Outer Space to cosmic love from the inner suitcase, Hardway Bro Sean Johnston makes his debut on 2MR with a brand new alias A Mountain Of Rimowa.

The alias was inspired by a sharp observation made by Jonnie Optimo about Schiphol Airport during ADE, but the inspirations behind the sounds are what’s really important here. They hit you the minute you dive deep into the mountain man’s 11-minute original. A psychedelic escapade into the realms of pioneers such as Acid Pauli, the original is less of a daydream and more of a week’s sesh in a floatation tank that’s somehow suspended in the clouds. Already striking a chord with the loyal following at his and Andrew Weatherall’s Love From Outer Space parties, the very act of pressing play is a point of no return.

Version-wise Johnson taps into a more Krautrock mindset for the thumping Motorik mix where live bass plays the consummate thunder while the chimes and soaring guitar textures crack like cosmic lightning. Deeper again we plunge further into the night with a straight-up deep house design inspired by the likes of Lamont Booker’s Elbee Bad. Here hypnotic Q&A bounce does all the driving, letting the dreamier, floating tendrils roll out more and more as the trip progresses.

Finally, we strike remix gold with Future Beat Alliance. A stately synth-crisp perspective. Molten bass, wispy pads, that sudden sense of everything coming together when you least expect it. It’s another triumph for the Tresor artist. And another coup for 2MR.

Time to climb the mountain…. Expect more from Johnston's new alias in the future with remixes coming up for Fjordfunk, Anton Klint, AIMES, Shadowlark and Antoni Maiovvi for Tusk Wax.