Pelted Shell A Run at the Funnel

Release Date 09/12/2019


Pelted Shell is Sam Skarstad, co-founder of black metal band Yellow Eyes. Skarstad is a resident of New York City, but for nearly ten years has made use of a small cabin in the forested northwest corner of Connecticut for writing and recording.

A Run at the Funnel is a vision outside the gate, a claustrophobic tour of condemnation and bliss, a tilting garden. Part ambient, part industrial, part dream pop, part narrative folk, Pelted Shell lurches through hallucinogenic landscapes, bubbling with warmth and texture, glimpsing odd pastoral scenes with unnerving calmness and specificity. Recorded in the downtime between sessions for Yellow Eyes’s Rare Field Ceiling, that album and this one lingered together, drinking from the same well. But this came from somewhere else. The day is hot. The mind reels...

“Taking those elements that have always been a feature of Yellow Eyes’s music— poppy riffs, a kind of European melancholy and jarring field recordings— Skarstad distilled all of those through the prism of austere European neo-folk... Easily one of the most unique and beautiful albums I’ve heard all year.” - Machine Music