Sipper Adam Driver

Release Date 03/29/2019


Wholesome and intrinsically delicate, SIPPER is an NYC based band who wants nothing more than to make you enjoy whatever they put out. Each of their songs have soft roaring guitar work, and hazy-gazy vocals which drip with fun. Sipper is known to have great respect for actor Adam Driver, and even has an album dedicated to him titled 'Adam Driver.' Their debut track, 'Adam Driver', teaches us a great lesson about what it means to have a hero. Some of us don't have a specific hero, and that's okay because we can be our own hero or heroine. To SIPPER, that hero is Adam Driver, who SIPPER has been outspoken about in regards to deserving the 2018 Academy Award. 

SIPPER thinks people have been smart and sad for too long and hopes for a return to empty-headism. Through their music, SIPPER hopes that this message comes across to their listeners.