Minor Poet And How!

Release Date 08/25/2017

(EggHunt Records)

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The story of And How!, the debut album from Minor Poet, is a testament to the beauty of music found in the most unexpected places. Written, performed, and recorded entirely by Richmond, VA native Andrew Carter, the album came into being almost entirely on a whim. After spending an exhausting eight months working on a record with his former band the Mad Extras, Carter found himself in desperate need of a cathartic creative outlet. He gathered together what he had to work with: a half-broken soundboard, a cheap plastic interface and a misfit-island basement full of instruments. Over roughly two months, he forgot about anything over than enjoying his favorite thing in the world: making music. No goals, plans, or motives other than pleasure in the process; nothing was ever intended to be heard by more than a few close friends.

The album that came out of this was And How!, an eleven-song collection as exploratory as it loose and as warmly familiar as it is inexplicably unique. The combination of modern multi-tracking with vintage equipment and off-the-wall recording techniques give the songs a rich texture that plants you right in the center of Carter’s creative mind. Songs like “River Days” and “Vertigo” burst forward with swirling and propulsive instrumentals, while songs like “Judith Beheading Holofernes” and “Sudoku, an Enlightenment” lock into laid-back grooves and expand with each melodic flourish. At the center of all of this are the touchstones of Carter’s music: layers of gorgeous Beach Boys’ harmonies and lyrics that address existential crises and everyday mundanities with a wink and a smirk.

The rest of the story unfolded in a way Carter never could have imagined. The album got passed around between friends, who privately passed it around with their friends, slowly spreading throughout the elite of the Richmond music scene and creating a buzz of whispers about the project. This led to partnerships with Tyler Williams and Brandon Crowe of Lights Out Management, the team behind Lucy Dacus, and a record deal with Egghunt Records. Backed by Noma Illmensee (Manatree), Jeremy Morris (the Mad Extras) and Micah Head, Minor Poet will be hitting the road in full force throughout the rest of 2017.


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