Shikoswe Back In The Tall Grass

Release Date 08/16/2019


Nora Shikoswe Hougsnæs, aka Shikoswe, from the small town of Ås in Norway makes indie pop that combines candid lyrics with catchy yet volatile melodies. As she relocated from Copenhagen to Bergen, Shikoswe self released the EP The Hour of the Body in 2016, and since then she’s been working on her upcoming record Back in the Tall Grass. The first two singles off the album, 'To The Dogs' and title track "Back in the Tall Grass", came out last year accompanied by striking visuals, which set a promising tone for what’s to come from the songwriter who’s been described as a «pop smith totally out of the ordinary, with remarkable strength in a voice that paradoxically also comes across as frail» (Dagsavisen).

In addition to working on new music, Shikoswe has spent the past two years playing live in Bergen and other Norwegian cities (notably at Øyafestivalen in 2017 and at Bergenfest in 2018), gaining continuous recognition as one of Norway’s most solid alternative pop acts.

Shikoswe is playing some of Scandinavia’s biggest festivals this year, including Øyafestivalen and showcase’s SPOT Festival and by Larm. 


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