William Rutledge Bring the Champagne in the Barn: Two Songs From the Udder of Forgiveness

Release Date 08/02/2017


From the cavernous mouths 
of monsters under the sea, 
to a bird's lush feathers 
Somersaulting through the sky
with grace and ease

William Rutledge's music 
Comes from deep within
Those places we need,
the things we refuse to see, 
and the people we've been

Because who are we kidding?
It's the faults and the falls
that sustains our will to live
as we crawl to keep connected
to our Faith, to our Love,
Each Other, and the Truth
Because everything inside Me
Can also be found
Inside You 

So, I thank you, my friends, 
for your ears and your time
I hope these songs find you well
In the mouth of a monster 
Or a bird's wing in the sky