Sam Rae Bring Us To New Islands

Release Date 04/21/2017

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Sam Rae captures eyes and ears with an alluring honesty as she blends her improvisational performance past with midwestern folk roots, and a curious soul-filled voice.

With elements of an improvisational past sprinkled throughout the album, ‘Bring Us to New Islands’ (out April 21st) devours Sam Rae’s previous musical identity as an artist of impermanent sounds on the cello. In this freshly arranged work Sam Rae hones in on the dance between intimacy stirred up from the past & spontaneity influenced by the present. In the midst of such a potion she invites her shadows to mingle with the pleasantness of sound. These songs represent a love history from child to adult, one that she channels eloquently as a shapeshifting kind of story.

The opening track, ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK,’ sets a vulnerable tone for the album with haunting vocals and a reverse cello loop. Sans lyrics the song would seem to have a transient flow that’s almost relaxing, however the lyrical content provides a contrasting feel as Sam Rae sings of the entanglement that most often comes with love. Engaging with the beast: seemingly simple yet simultaneously impossible. Behind the scenes of a queer identity, the song also portrays the forwards and backwards movement that she cycles through while exploring sexuality and gender, a wilderness that is exhausting and also enchanting.

‘Neverending Highways,’ curiously sets a more lighthearted folky scene as she digs into her midwestern roots. Sam Rae combines her strong taste for unstructured material with her new found love for folk arrangements. With lighter tones, the song seems to lyrically speak an afterthought of the previous track, ‘It’s Alright, It’s OK’. She touches on the nostalgia of her childhood, ‘abandoned secret gateways,’ and how she holds on tight to her wise and light-hearted youth while tumbling around in her adult life that resides underneath bulky layers of experience.

In 2014 Sam Rae accompanied Brandi Carlile on an un-amplified acoustic 'Pin Drop Tour' around the United States and abroad and most recently toured nationally with the illustrious folk singer Gregory Alan Isakov, releasing his latest album with the Colorado Symphony. Her ever-changing style as a solo artist, that blends looped cello, guitar and vocals, was largely defined by a 6 week national tour completed last spring, 2016.

Although she collaborates with a diverse array of artists, ranging from Brandi Carlile, Gregory Alan Isakov to the american power pop group, the Posies, her roots are in her creative blend of instruments that represent an eclectic soul-filled folk. Sam Rae uses her experience as a live & improvisational looping cellist to tap into a fresh terrain of eclectic folk arrangement, exploring her instruments as a way to interact with her audience through shared human experience and unhinged impulse.


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