TEEN Carolina

Release Date 05/28/2013

(Carpark Records)

Since 2002, TEEN’s lead singer-songwriter, Teeny Lieberson, has been playing in bands around New York City, eventually becoming the keyboard player for the indie-psych band Here We Go Magic in 2008. During a hiatus from the band in the winter of 2009, Teeny wrote Little Doods, a five-song EP, which formed the foundation of TEEN’s full-length debut, In Limbo. Working with many of the songs written that winter with the desire to expand the sound from four-track/lo-fi to a fully flushed out sound, Teeny recruited her sisters, Lizzie and Katherine, along with long-time friends Jane Herships and Maia Ibar, to become members of TEEN.

The band spent the summer of 2011 recording In Limbo in Maia’s family barn in rural Connecticut, engineered by Jen Turner of Here We Go Magic. Mixed and produced in collaboration with producer Pete Kember a.k.a. Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum), In Limbo is mysterious and dark, exploring the many sensitivities and emotions that a person endures during critical and life-changing experiences. After recording the LP, Maia left the band, leaving it a quartet.

The Carolina EP is the next step in the TEEN story. Having played consistently since winter 2010, the group’s bond as bandmates is clear to hear onCarolina, with the band only playing what they could physically accomplish live. TEEN’s psychedelic-pop sound relies heavily on its vocal arrangements and harmonies. The music is strengthened by the flawless vocal connections between family and friends.