SOAR Dark/Gold

Release Date 08/25/2017

(Father/Daughter Records)

SOAR  formed  in the summer of 2015 after its members, who had all previously fronted their own bands, came together to start a project that was more collaborative in nature. Like a set of analytical relations, SOAR combines the best parts each persons' perspective and style to create a sound all their own.  

With rotating lyricists, four-part harmonies, and shared songwriting, SOAR's catalogue evokes a wide scope of sounds and sentiments that can't be pinned down to any one genre. Mirrored by the name of their debut full length, dark / gold, out August  25,  2017 on  Father/Daughter  Records,  SOAR  strikes  a  balance  between something  heavy  and  opaque,  something  melodic and bright, some thing  ultimately unyielding. 


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