Michael Sneed Days We Lost

Release Date 09/20/2019

(Text Me Records)

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At 17, Michael Sneed moved to Washington D.C., where he made a name for himself in the open mic curcuit, through warehouse performances, and eventually found himself playing local venues and festival stages. In 2017, Michael returned home to Oakland, CA. A college graduate working as a Starbucks clerk in a Safeway. Drenched in student loans, post-college depression, and the stench of coffee, Michael decided it was time for him to work on his first mixtape. Staying relatively lowkey, Michael spent a year inside of Bay Area producer, Wax Roof's house working on the project with his friends.

The kinky haired, Mario mustached, Broadway musical loving, Oakland native uses music as a tool to tell stories and lessons fro his childhood as he runs down memory lane and away from the responsibilities of young adulthood. Michael is building a world where elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Funk, and Folk come together as one to express a boy, on the cusp of adulthood desperately clinging onto his childlike creativity, purity, and innocence.


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