Valley Queen Destroyer EP

Release Date 03/10/2017


Los Angeles's Valley Queen is kicking off 2017 by announcing the new EP, 'Destroyer', to be released on March 10th. Their first official EP, this four-piece act merges southern rock with traces of 1970's canyon folk.

While lead singer and rhythm guitarist Natalie Carol's hauntingly powerful vocal is at the forefront of the band's music, the band has "tones that shiver in all the perfect places", according to VICE's Noisey. Filling out their sound is Neil Wogensen with bass/vocals, Gerry Doot on drums and Shawn Morones with vocals and guitar.

"Shawn and I co-wrote this song as a love letter to writing music and the live performance," Carol said of "Stars Align". "Live music is the modern day sanctuary for many of us and certainly the grounding force in my own life. This song bows to music's power, should we choose to surrender, to shift us out of the mundane, into the stars."


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