Bea1991 "did you feel me slip away?" - single

Release Date 06/18/2019


Since 2014, independent artist and musical polymath BEA1991 has split her time between Amsterdam, London and NYC, experimenting with a variety of creative disciplines leading to the release of critically lauded EPs ‘Good Thinking’ & ‘Songs of 2k11’ as well as sold-out tours and close relationships with musical allies Blood Orange, Porches and Kirin J Callinan. Her artistic versatility extends to collaborations with visual creatives and designers such as Eckhaus Latta, Schueller de Waal, Camiel Fortgens & SUNNEI.

Late November, her single ‘V4’ elegantly stepped into the blogosphere, and following early in 2019, her latest release ‘My Own Heaven’ has rushed into distribution.

The past two years have seen BEA1991 garner a reputation for an emotive live show - where she intermediately performs solo - switching between and connecting the areas of music, art and fashion. More recently Bea has received attention for her experimental exhibitions and guest courses at art academies, opening a playing field for the multidisciplinary.


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