Gabe Goodman Dismissing the Gardener

Release Date 11/29/2018

(Salient Recordings)

Though Dismissing the Gardner marks his first official release, NewYork-based songwriter/producer. GabeGoodman has already sustained along and sort of peculiar musical career. He performed on an episode of Kids Say the Darndest Things at age five,dropped out of college tot tour internationally as bass player in synth-pop group Magic Man and has contributed to an array of buzzy projects such as Del Water Gap, Future Teens and Photocomfort. Now, he finally steps out onto his own with this EP of six songs, marrying his well honed pop sensibility with raw intimacy and emotion. 

Nestled somewhere between Elliott Smith, Porches and Mount Eerie, Goodman and his close collaborator Will G.Radin create a soothing sonic palette all their own. From slow-burning opener “Envision It” to the spell bindingly brief “Burden” to sweeping lead single “The Bandage and the Wound,” Goodman journeys through the emotional and physical pain of loss before a lush backdrop of nylon guitars, dizzying saxophones and a rhythm section that recalls golden- era Neil Young.

Goodman has been featured by blogs such as The Wild Honey Pie, BIRP and Thrd Coast. He’ll tour the US throughout 2019. Dismissing the Gardener is available everywhere via his Salient Recordings label.