Goodfight Florida Room

Release Date 12/15/2017

(Baby Blue)

Goodfight is proud to present their first album, “Florida Room,” a glowing debut highlighting the group’s youthful, nuanced energy. The brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Forman, Goodfight has quickly blossomed into a rich collaboration between members Annique Monet, David Zyto, Daryl Johns & Guy Paz.

“Florida Room” balances the colorful warmth and whimsy of Forman & Monet’s roots in South Florida with lyrical content reflecting on the emotional push and pull of life in New York City. Across eight tracks, Goodfight naturally meanders through themes of yearning, ambition, heartbreak and euphoria. On “Lucy,” Forman cleverly transforms the ritual of enjoying a loose cigarette into a tale exploring the extreme love and loneliness tied to city life - “Lucy darling won’t you walk here with me / these cold avenues and I need your love Lucy.” The slow, wistful ballad “Florida Room” captures the fond memories of days gone by while simultaneously accepting the present distance from a place that was once home - “Florida room/ let’s reassume / that life will go on / if I don't come home soon.”

Goodfight’s dynamism exhibits a clear, confident sense of songwriting, storytelling, and musicianship that provides a refreshing dose of honesty and vulnerability. Whether in the studio or on tour, Goodfight’s infectious, loving zeal makes it hard not to want to simply smile and dance.