Sophie Strauss Hard Study

Release Date 12/14/2018


Sophie Strauss is a musician from Los Angeles. At 24 years old, Sophie's music is at once warm and biting. She juxtaposes lush synths against sharp, organic percussion and her intimate vocals that bring you into her beautiful, tense world. She is aggressively opinionated, girly, queer, shameless, and self-deprecating and her songwriting is as comfortable with discomfort as she is.  All of this can be seen in her debut record 'Hard Study.' Sophie is not your typical pop artist. She sings love songs, but they're not what you would expect from the typical love song. Her song "Aphids" sheds light onto a very real issue within today's society, and that's domestic violence. This track rejects forgiving any sort of male violence and dominance. She tells these men bluntly "you hit me and it felt like shit." Her song 'Dog Fight' rejects any sort of "dream girl" image that men project onto women. She wants those men to know that she knows that she isn't perfect and doesn't care. Throughout this record, it's clear that Strauss knows herself more than anyone else knows her, and she wants everyone else to know that too.