Mux Mool Implied Lines

Release Date 06/02/2017

(Young Heavy Souls )

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Skirting the edges of a hundred peeling stickers on dusty bins in forgotten record stores, Mux Mool didn’t set out to throw critics into a labeling tizzy—he just makes what sounds right. Jagged broken beats slip-slide across circuit-bent, pitch-shifted synths in a dystopian wasteland of 90’s nostalgia. The Mux Mool arsenal is a moody collection of instrumental dynamism vacillating between the serious and the silly.

After popular releases with Ghostly International, (2010’s Skulltaste and 2012’s Planet High School), and a handful of EPs and singles, Mux released Implied Lines in 2016 independently on Bandcamp. Its popularity grew organically on that platform and has quickly become a fan favorite. In 2017, Implied Lines is getting an overhaul and proper release with Detroit label Young Heavy Souls.

The YHS Edition of Implied Lines features two brand new tracks (Starfighter Courage and THE IRS) and will be available everywhere digitally. The album will also be available on CD and cassette.

Additional Info:

Lindgren’s life in music began in Minnesota with a cheap toy sampling keyboard (“I remember being so fascinated by how much a sound changed when you dropped it down several octaves”). Flash forward a few years (and more than a few keyboards), and the teenage Lindgren began recreating his favorite sounds – Dilla’s stutter-step beats, classic video-game music, abstract electronic noise – using software and digital effects, glazing them with tape hiss and vinyl static. Mux Mool’s 2010 full-length debut, Skulltaste, is the culmination of years of toil and experimentation, gathering Lindgren’s myriad talents and obsessions into one gloriously sprawling document.

As for where he got the name Mux Mool? Lindgren offers up an oddly telling story: he was dubbed Mux Mool by a band he admired, after he posted a blog on MySpace soliciting fans to submit names for his project. “Mux is short for ‘multiplexing,’ which is the streaming of many types of information through one channel,” he explains, “and Chac-Mool is an ancient Meso-American statue of a reclining man.” A technologically complex breed of synthesis and a timeless piece of indigenous art. Sounds about right.


1. Sympathy Beat
2. Monday
3. Eyebrown Dandruff
4. Six AM
5. Never Go Home
6. Fifteen Tons
7. The IRS
8. Starfighter Courage
9. Sing Heal All
10. Love Song