Mahawam Is An Island

Release Date 03/29/2019

(Molly House Records)

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Mahawam straddles a line between technician and artist. A means to process both the trauma and joy at the intersection of Black queer identity, their work as a producer and vocalist serves as a study in the ways that intersection informs cultural and personal progress. Mahawam's new EP 'Is An Island' serves multifaceted explorations of resignation, loneliness, lust and hope navigated during their journey to come to terms with their HIV diagnosis with the intention of bringing visibility to nuanced experiences of similar bodies in similar situations. Co-produced by Akiyoshi Ehara of The Seshen, 'Is An Island' is an offering of forward thinking sensibility that joins honest introspection to a knowing levity, creating a refreshing and focused blend of hip-hop, electronic pop and r&b. 


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