Mike Simonetti MIKE FEEL LOVE

Release Date 08/04/2017


Not only is mike "father of the year", but he also has records. Deep crates, as they say.  Mike Feel Love will keep the chin scratchers at bay for a while, seeing as the original track has zero internet presence. It will also keep the dancers happy. A scrappy little edit keeping the sloppy instrumentation in tact , because it's the best part of the song. Drums fall out of time , or drop out altogether.  The synth arps fall out of synch which makes you wonder if that's an arpregiator, or some maniac playing live.  The other side is a very old edit mike dusted off and is guaranteed to make the chin scratchers take a bathroom break- seeing as it is a top 40 hit from the 70s.  Which doesn't mean it's not a burner.