Ralph Heidel/Homo Ludens Moments of Resonance

Release Date 03/21/2019

(Kryptox Records)

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Moments of Resonance, announced for a March 22nd release on Kryptox Records, are seven compositions full of brilliant ideas, harmonic complexity, unheard surprises, clever citations, dramatic evolutions, big explosive moments, meditative moments and euphoric high points. This album is an extremely emotional work of art for strings, saxophone, drums, bass and electronics. Ralph Heidel and his 7 piece ensemble Homo Ludens connect contemporary chamber music with electronic, ambient, post rock and avant-garde jazz. It never gets boring, with new details coming to the surface just when you thought you had it all figured out. Take a listen for yourself with "The Flood," streaming now on Soundcloud.

Everything is composed and improvised. Nothing is sampled. Wild punk-jazz parts recall John Zorn or Mahavishnu Orchestra. Romantic passages paint pictures of European impressionistic composers like Ravel or Debussy. Ambient/drone universes evolving into an explosive, impossible to describe musical moment. But nothing is imitated, instead getting broken up through an expressive new way of using harmonization and melodical composing. Electronic and organic elements are molded into new, unheard sounds.

Heidel is neither one of these electronic guys adding some alibi strings to hide the banality of the music, and he’s also not just taking one little musical ideas and stretching it for long minutes into an atmospheric carpet where nothing really resonates. He’s different. The music is different. 

Moments of Resonance is the third release on Mathias Modica's new label Kryptox, a Berlin based label dedicated to new forms of mutated electronica, chamber music and jazz. Modica, also known as his artist name Munk, was the creative brain behind Gomma Records (2001 – 2016). Gomma was part of a triumvirate of labels that was dedicated to new forms of disco, new wave and funk inspired electronica, along with DFA and Output. Modica produced music with artists such as James Murphy, Asia Argento, Peaches, while discovering and producing WhoMadeWho, Mocky and Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand). In addition to Krptox, Modica continues to organize exhibitions around the world and is an active part of Berlin's art underground.


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