Tallies Mother (Single)

Release Date 05/11/2018

(Kanine Records)

Mother-daughter relationships are one of the most complicated, beautiful, messy things you could ever hope to experience. From the burgeoning infatuation of childhood to the frustrating, confounding difficulties that come with adolescence, it’s a relationship that is as conflicting as it is crucial. Toronto’s Tallies have expertly captured these complexities with their latest pop banger “Mother.” Teaming a backdrop of summery melodies and sweet, gentle percussion, lead vocalist and guitarist Sarah Cogan creates a thoughtful, sincere commentary on the delicacy that comes with flying the nest.

Mother is about the age when you start to realize you’re at the point in your life when all your Mother’s advice starts to make sense, or make no sense at all,” she explains. “It’s deciding when you go with or against what you were raised to believe. It involves knowing your simple self worth and taking precautions in life all while still being able to appreciate the natural beauty around you. We’re not always going to agree with our parents hopes and desires for our future. But we can always learn from everything we agree on and especially everything we don’t.”

It’s testament to the band’s ability in producing candid lyrics alongside the kind of instrumentation that could pierce through any bad day and make you feel like things are going to turn out okay. With the sun beginning to creep through the cracks of our frozen few months, Tallies are the personification of basking in the first rays of the year. Tentatively hopeful and finally ready for whatever comes next.


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