Okay Embrace Moving/Improving

Release Date 11/13/2018


Okay Embrace is the new project of Los Angeles based songwriter and guitarist David Schaefer. Schaefer, now 21, has been an active part of the DIY music scene in Los Angeles since before his Bar Mitzvah, previously releasing music under the name French Negative and collaborating with other artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Girlpool. Okay Embrace's debut single, "Drought (Song of California)," has garnered considerable praise, with Tiny Mix Tapes' Sean Hannah calling Schaefer a "wunderkind" with a "commanding, singular voice," Earmilk's Rachel Hammermueller praising the song's "wild, untamed guitar playing," and Rock The Pigeon's Noah Zucker calling it "meaningful indie rock from a talented composer." The Okay Embrace live band, featuring Ellington Peet, Micah Preite, and Cole Brossus, has played numerous shows around Los Angeles in 2018, sharing bills with artists such as Larkin Grimm, Young Jesus, and Justus Proffit. The first Okay Embrace album, "Moving/Improving," will be out in December 2018. It was recorded by Schaefer in Western Massachusetts with Dinosaur Jr/ Pixies engineer Justin Pizzoferrato, and features contributions from Ellington Peet, Jake Lichter, Rich Hinman, and Sam Friedman. The 11 track album is an ambitious suite of propulsive indie rock songs, which sees Schaefer's tendency towards compositional intricacy balanced by an undeniable ear for pop melody and vivid, literary lyricism.