Liquid Soap Naja Warfare

Release Date 04/09/2019


Liquid Soap is the new techno production alias of NYC rave entrepreneur John Barclay. Most well-known for his back-of-house contributions to NYC dance and DIY culture, co-founding Bushwick techno clubhouse Bossa Nova Civic Club, outlaw DIY venues 285 Kent and Trip House, White Label Yerba Mate Soda and the recent repeal of NYC’s notorious authoritarian and racist Cabaret (No Dancing) Law, Barclay was also a member of DIY rave “supergroup” DUST, a since-retired collaboration with audio engineer Michael Sherburn of Earth Boys and visual/noise artist Greem Jellyfish.

Like DUST, Liquid Soap is sonically maximal and although rooted in techno, crosses borders into industrial and trance territories.  

His first release,“Naja Warfare: MegaMix”, is an hour-long conceptual fantasy techno mixtape which tells the story of a supernatural ancient civilization.  The content is 100% original productions overdubbed with sword fights, cavalry explosions and war speeches.  

The production is paramount, arguably over-the-top: kettle drums, koto harp, trance gates, digital bells, chants, lasers, muted horns and field recordings mesh with orthodox drum machines and acid lines.  It’s suited better for sci fi teenagers than seasoned German techno purists.     

● Born in CA, grew up in CA, NC, FL, HI, AL
● Been in Brooklyn for 12 years
● Co-Founder 285 Kent, Trip House, Bossa Nova Civic Club
● Member of DUST
● Liquid Soap is first solo project
● First release is inspired by Fantasy Narratives and Ancient Civilizations

Often referred to as “Najarian Dunkirk” the “Battle of Xengani” is perhaps the most decisive point in Naja history, where upon suffering a catastrophic decimation at the hands of their genocidal oppressors a small civilian population fights off a notably larger and more well-equipped army and ultimately escapes to the desert.