Various Artists (Guilt Ridden Pop Comp) Nervous Breakthroughs

Release Date 02/03/2017

(Guilt Ridden Pop)

At the tender heart of rising pop music in the Twin Cities, you will find local indie label Guilt Ridden Pop behind the scenes, and with a finger directly on its pulse. Prefacing an exciting new year of forthcoming full releases, singles, and EPs, we are happy to present you with the sampler Nervous Breakthroughs. The EP includes a new track from label mainstays The Chambermaids, and introduces three newer label affiliates and Minneapolis locals Catbath, Wetter, and Lunch Duchess as well. Stay tuned for more from Guilt Ridden Pop coming later this year!

Track Listing:
1 - "Jellyfish" Catbath
2 - "The Big Disappointment" Wetter
3 - "Intent" Lunch Duchess
4 - "Pale Blue Line" The Chambermaids