STRFKR "Never Ever"

Release Date 03/22/2016


For a band whose name grew out of some “pure stupidity” between friends, STRFKR have come a long way. From the freak-funk origins of their four incredible albums to almost a decade of the sweatiest, most ecstatic sold-out dance shows in drag, STRFKR have glided into public consciousness with a penchant for garish disco and funky, blown-out basslines turned to eleven. Since we last heard from them, the band’s been practically touring non-stop, roaring across continents with members Josh Hodges, Patrick Morris, Shawn Glassford, and Keil Corcoran locked in tight, melodic euphoria night to night.

With a rapidly expanding fan base and their cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” making rounds on blogs everywhere, the band holed up in the seclusion of Astoria, Oregon, hard at work on their 2013 full-length Miracle Mile. The album was a mangled stream of infections disco hits, knitted together with funky Rhodes chords and dowsed in lyrical melancholia. Following subsequent touring, the band’s been long in silence, buried again in a sea of sprawling studio synths, pedals and patch cables abound.

Back for the first time in 3 years, STRFKR returns with “Never Ever.” Synth-heavy, funk-driven, the track thumps along in frenzy of harmonies, shedding winter malaise with every elegant slap and coy vocal crackle. Springing from the doldrums of winter with the bliss of summer sunset, the track pairs bubbly melodies with sinister, cultish lyrics—of friends roped together beneath velvet sheets in the candle light. The perfect unsuspecting vehicle for subliminal manipulation, “Never Ever’s” infectious disco pop will have you on your feet in no time, body bounding through corporal kinesis, fully submitted to any task at hand. To what end though, it’s hard to say.


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