Spud Cannon Next Time Read The Fine Print

Release Date 11/21/2017

(Self Released)

Formed in the fall of 2016, Vassar College’s Spud Cannon originally came together as a group of complete strangers. Setting out to make their own brand of “music you could dance to at a dormitory basement party”, they quickly developed a repertoire of original material and began playing house parties.

After winning Vassar College’s Battle of the Bands, the band flew out to Los Angeles to cut their debut record in 7 days in guitarist Jackson Lewis’s basement. While there, they played a lone gig at the Peppermint Club that while sparsely attended, earned them the fandom of one attendee: Actor Gary Oldman. Appreciating their raucous upbeat sound, which literally shattered glass-wear due to the noise level, Oldman lent his voice to the album’s opening track.

Ahead of their album release, they released a music video for their song “Thrum a Dum”. “Next Time Read the Fine Print” was self-released on October 21st. 


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