Eve Maret No More Running (Deluxe Edition)

Release Date 04/27/2019

(Banana Tapes)

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Eve Maret is a Nashville-based experimental artist and composer who employs a wide array of electronic media and techniques in her various disciplines, exploring the possibilities of personal and communal healing through creative acts.

To Eve, the act of creating is a wholehearted “Yes.” She is devoted to creating and performing in a way that is inherently artful, emotionally raw, and transcendent. Drawing inspiration from nineteenth-century orchestral and choral works, the Fluxus movement, Kosmische Musik and funk, Eve makes use of digital and modular synthesizers, a vocoder, clarinet, soprano saxophone, electric bass, guitar, and MIDI Sprout technology to create works that range from lush cinematic compositions to space disco.  

Eve has performed across the United States alongside artists such as Guerilla Toss, JEFF the Brotherhood, Mary Ocher, Coupler, Precious Child and Will Berman of MGMT. In March of 2018, she performed at Big Ears Festival’s 12-Hour drone.

In addition to her personal creative practices, Eve is committed to providing avenues for others to create and uplift one another. She and Jess Chambers founded Hyasynth House, an electronic music collective and education center for female, trans, and non-binary artists in May of 2018. Together they facilitate workshops, performances, and community-wide conversations in an effort to support and empower marginalized groups.


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