Thigh Master Now For Example

Release Date 09/27/2019

(Goner Records)

Here it is! Brisbane (via Melbourne), Australia-based quartet Thigh Master are back with the long awaited second LP Now for Example -- the follow up to their 2016 debut Early Times. Following a string of sold out singles, as well as tours of the US, Japan, and Europe, the guitar-pop-guardians of the Brisbane underground deliver Now for Example, a twelve song hook-laden exertion, filled with imperious string bends and riffage framing witty tales of lethargic social observation, concocted by band leader Matthew Ford.

Now for Example sees the most compelling and virtuosic combination of Thigh Master members to date, with Innez Tulloch (guitar/keys), Dusty Anastassiou (drums) and Daniel Ford (bass) contributing heavily to its foundations and creating a bulk of their parts off the cuff during recording sessions, which took place in various houses between Melbourne (*Birraranga) and Brisbane (*Beepooban & *Gootcha). The intervals of ragged, jangly guitar riffs interspersed with waves of distorted sonic mischief recall the late 80s/early 90s Flying Nun sound of the Clean, Bats and 3Ds.

While Early Times got it’s vitality from a constant sense of urgency, Now for Example takes its time and the songs shine for it. “Subtropic Buck (Always a Loan)” opens with a dry, quirky guitar riff with an ascending melody leading nicely into a nonchalantly descending chorus that’s incredibly catchy. The pace slows at the end to accommodate vocal harmony variants floating amidst churning distortion lifting the song subtly into space. “Claps for Clats” features bouncing trombone stylings, courtesy of Aussie underground wunderkind Nicole Thibault from Thibault, Minimum Chips, and Clag. “BBC” leads with a big, upbeat guitar riff containing a hint of ethereal travel. The mid-tempo drum pace drives the riff covering the vocals in a wash of late-night-riding-in-the-back-of-a-car fun.


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