Oceans Are Zeroes Oceans Are Zeroes

Release Date 05/05/2017

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After years of painstaking, meticulous labor, the band that has become Oceans Are Zeroes serves a sober, cinematic, tranquil, and exultant album. These songs leave us shivering in cold spells of doubt and toss with us in sleepless nights. In them we crawl over the merciless tundra of unrequited love and quiver with indignant rage at broken promises. We are taken up on the hopeful wings of the morning and sunk into the depths of the sea. We are haunted by perplexity and muted in in humbles resignation. We are washed ashore and consoled by the lapping of the very ocean whose breakers broke us. Are you familiar with grief? Are you acquainted with sorrow? Do you know from the trenches that joy is a fight? Then these songs know you. And, if we listen well, the ache, the tears, the hope and the fury galvanize into a vehement resolve. We sense that there is something at stake in this life, that in our moral universe there is risk, reward, danger, and consequence. There is goodness, truth and beauty; these must be tended and fought for. - Matt Shockey

'Oceans Are Zeroes' is out 5/5/17.


1. Back To The Place
2. Some Stay Young
3. Inside
4. Underneath Everything
5. Standing Still
6. In My Dreams
7. Fugue State
8. Hollow
9. You Said
10. Wine


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