Nathan Bajar Playroom

Release Date 07/08/2019

(In Real Life Music)

Nathan Bajar is a Filipino American artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He was born and raised in New Jersey and learned how to play guitar from his father as a teenager and cites Stevie Wonder as one of his biggest musical influences.      

After his roommate showed him how to make beats on Ableton, he started writing and releasing his own music in 2017 and has had his music placed in playlists by The Fader, Urban Outfitters. In 2018, an early track was featured in Illegal Civilization’s short film “Summer of 17 Episode 2.”  He is currently finishing his debut, entirely self-produced project Playroom set to release in 2019.

He received a BFA in Photography from Montclair State University in 2013. He has since been working as a fine art & editorial photographer, working with publications including The New York Times, The Fader, Vice, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, & Time Magazine.

After his debut single ‘Devil Girl’ was released April 30th 2019, it received high acclaim from Lyrical Lemonade. Seamus Fay from Lyrical Lemonade wrote, “Based around the intoxicating swing of a guitar-riffed instrumental this offering mixes, animated drums and gorgeous melodies in the most beautiful of ways. If this foundation is a new world, then the vocals are what illustrates the sky, as their dreamy capabilities transport listeners into a carefree existence of love, affection, and unwavering passion... That said, the latest from Nathan Bajar is impeccable from an artistic standpoint, so don’t sleep on this one.”


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