Deru Say Goodbye To Useless

Release Date 07/15/2010

(Mush Records)

Deru is Benjamin Wynn, an electronic musician from Los Angeles. His compositions find hip-hop and electronic music linking hands, while dipping more than a toe in the ambient and classical pools. Previous releases on Ghostly International, Merck, Neo Ouija and more have allowed him to cultivate a dedicated follow- ing. An accomplished sound designer and film-scorer, he has been nominated for the MPSE's Golden Reel Award and written works for the Paris Opera Ballet Company. Deru's appreciation of art and architecture runs as deep as the basslines that support his thought- fully constructed songs. With one eye on music technology innovations, one ear tuned to the strains of his musical forefathers and every remaining molecule dedicated to producing synthetic symphonies, Deru is a creative force to be reckoned with.

Say Goodbye To Useless is Deru's third full-length release, and his first for Mush Records. While you will find similar aesthetics to his previous releases ' moody, atmospheric sounds, haunting melodies and organic textures ' they are augmented by his most mature song-writing and cutting-edge beats to date. The album pays homage to classic genres and structures while cultivating a 22nd century smart-party ethic that will snatch the ear of the snobbiest beat head. Deru's listeners will continue to appreciate his drive for challenging them as much as he challenges himself.

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