LISS Second

Release Date 07/17/2019


 LISS’s four members grew up in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city and home to a thriving rock and punk scene. They remember being both immersed in the local music growing up, and also standing apart from it and while they loved going to shows, at home they absorbed the timeless pop melodies of Stevie Wonder and Prince. In 2015 XL Recordings released their debut single ‘Try’ and the following EP to follow in 2016, the critically acclaimed ‘First’. The following years saw the band tour extensively, build studios from scratch, and experience the rapid ascent that can only lead to a necessary period of time dedicated to catching their breath. Over those whirlwind three years, each band member experienced life-changing situations that thankfully have all been channeled into the next era of their music - one that sees them return bolder and more confident than ever.