Softee Slow Melt

Release Date 08/14/2019


Nina Grollman is your favorite local DIY pop star – but you can call her Softee. Growing up in Moorhead Minnesota, she spent her time either on stage or being loud.  A theatre kid at heart, Nina attended The Juilliard School for drama and found her footing as a professional performer in the New York theatre scene, working her way up to a Vevo session with Lorde and a Broadway debut in the 2018 revival of The Iceman Cometh. Now after a lifetime of living for the drama, Softee is stepping into the pop music spotlight like the gay pop top she is.
With only a handful of co-producer credits, her autodidactic production techniques assert the autonomous vision of a self-sufficient woman in a genre that tends to dismiss their technical abilities. Wearing her influences proudly on her sleeve, Softee combines the saccharine-sweet synth pop of Charli XCX, the nostalgic glamour of Gwen Stefani and deep, soulful vocals that find themselves somewhere between Kate Bush and Robyn. Commanding the dancefloor with 80’s excellence and three-part harmonies that are sugary sweet and soft just like her, Softee asks for nothing less than the attention of the room.


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