Summer Palace Summer Callus

Release Date 08/15/2017


Summer Palace is the creative brainchild of Noah Gurley, a hip hop, psych, and pop-loving producer and multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, Tennessee. Having recently embarked on a solo pilgrimage to India, his work proves as spiritual as it is experimental and the band’s latest EP, Summer Callus, is the perfect combination of the two. Auto-tuned vocal melodies, often accompanied by the pristine harmonies of Callie McFee (the work’s inspiration and muse), glide atop dance beats and glistening synths. Jangly guitars occasionally grace the aural stage in reverse, creating beautiful sonic textures. 

More striking than the production, however, is Summer Callus’s ability to pull heartstrings by using unexpectedly simple conceptual elements. The emotional content of the EP is markedly different from Summer Palace’s previous work. It expresses a certain contentment with life stage and placement, orienting itself neatly to front and center of a discography marked with numerous songs of longing, heartbreak, and sadness. The work proves a collection of songs that magnetize attention and emotional relatability despite a complete lack of aesthetic exaggeration or drama.