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Release Date 12/02/2016

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Since their first album Rituals in 2013, Team Ghost have worked towards a refined sound between harmony and dissonance, in the search of a world that would define them. This second album evolves as a fiction, taking place at any time, tomorrow or today. Relentlessly haunted by human presence and its raging guitars and drums, it is intended as a dark and violent act where digital disruptions interfere with synthetic murmur. It is the metaphor for a crumbling world, where all sense of direction is lost, except for the one we faithfully create for ourselves. What matters here is not the message waiting to be delivered, but the delimitation of our own territory, at the fringe of any known world. A shelter for those who still believe in something, right here, right now!

Their first EP 'You never did anything wrong to me' was highly praised by Pitchfork and NME even described their music as "Cold-Gaze", a whole new genre created for the release. After touring with Crystal Castles, Team Ghost invades the UK where it scours many festivals. To seal this bond, a second EP 'Celebrate What You Can’t See' is released under the English label Sonic Cathedral. In 2013, first album Rituals and first single "Dead Film Star" come after a remarkable appearance on the trend setting stage of French festival Transmusicales de Rennes, spawning a series of concerts in Brazil, Germany, England, New York that ended in Rock en Seine festival in Paris. More recently, Team Ghost gave 8 different shows in China while preparing their upcoming tour in Europe.

About the album:

It’s always hard to describe what really happens in the genesis of a new album. The blank page, Nicolas drafting the tracks, meeting first with Benoît and then with the rest of the band to start the work... But something clicked very quickly and, like a miracle, the rest just followed.

This initial trigger was the album’s opening title "The Riser", coming together around dense layers of Oberheim Xpander synths. The whole track evoked the depths of the night, in a warm and enveloping yet equally cold and dehumanized atmosphere. From there, we were brimming with excitement, which in turn led us to see all the tracks through this lens. This track became a kind of muse. From there, we were able to build a structure that looked like us. All the images were there, from Blade Runner’s ethereal scenes (still a nocturnal feel) to the icy violence of most striking modern productions (Kanye West’s Yeezus, to name only one). Blended with what has made the band’s identity up until today, noise guitars from Sonic Youth or Slowdive to say the least, the compositions started to make sense. We could strike our guitars and pound the drums. But this fire could as well be tamed in the cold spell of digital synths effects cast on both the instruments and the vocals, which here turned into a hybrid man-machine structure.

Benoît’s studio (The Auber Mansion), filled with machines, synths, guitars and more, was the catalyst of this construction project. Allowing both great independence and total isolation in the creative process, it became a full member of the band. Live takes were even recorded in a studio dedicated to drum recordings, to be then be mixed in the heart of Auber Mansion.

The result is an album we engineered in every detail with uncompromising faith and passion, up to its visual aspect, carefully elaborated by Philippe Talaga since the band was created.

May people feel even just a glimpse of what we experienced putting it together when they’ll listen to this album.


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