Squid The Dial

Release Date 01/15/2019

(Speedy Wunderground)

Formed in Brighton, Squid is the brainchild of Ollie Judge (Drums & Lead Vocals), Louis Borlase (Guitars & Vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (Keyboards), Laurie Nankivell (Bass & Brass) and Anton Pearson (Guitars & Vocals).

Their new single "The Dial" is out today via Speedy Wunderground. It’s the 25th release in the label’s single series. Label head-honcho Dan Carey saw the band play the track live, and thought he could help record it with a fresh feel - speeding it up, deconstructing and rearranging it. The results were powerful, showing a band with rapidly growing confidence, creating an intense angular track that managed to recall both Television and LCD Soundsystem whilst swerving all notions of pastiche. "The Dial" hits you like an amphetamine, less Brighton Lanes and more Virginia Plain.

On the song itself the band say, "the song is about a dear loved one – suffering a horrible illness in hospital. At the point the patients’ blood is being taken by the nurse we imagined them all turning into vampires and sucking the blood from the patients. All we could think about was the red ‘dial’ of the weighing scales on the floor as it was happening – which is where the main lyric came from."


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