The Album Leaf The Endless Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date 04/13/2018

(Eastern Glow)

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The Endless is Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf’s second cinematic collaboration with Los Angeles based directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead. The Endless follows two brothers spurred by a mysterious videotape that arrives in the mail, Justin Smith (Benson) and his younger brother Aaron (Moorhead) make the fateful decision to revisit Camp Arcadia, a rural commune in the Southern California hinterlands where they were raised after being orphaned in a car crash. Dissatisfied with his current mundane life, Aaron has developed a rose-tinted nostalgia for the commune even though Justin remains wary of a group he once branded a “UFO death cult,” partly in a bid to lure his more gullible sibling away. The brothers make an uneasy pact to return to the camp for a short visit, seeking closure with their troubled past. On arrival at Camp Arcadia, Justin and Aaron receive a warm, forgiving welcome from the remaining commune members, whose wholesome off-the-grid lifestyle appears to keep them freakishly young. The camp’s de facto leader Hal (Tate Ellington) urges the duo to take part in group bonding activities, including an unsettling karaoke session and a bizarre nocturnal ritual involving a giant rope that stretches off into the night sky. Justin dismisses these stunts as manipulative magic tricks, challenging Hal’s motives. But the real source of the increasingly eerie mood inside the camp proves to be more supernatural than human.

LaValle’s approach to the score was to create an environment that was unique to the film’s haunting suspense. He enlisted the help of fellow The Album Leaf collaborator’s, David Lebleu and Matthew Resovich to provide eerie modular synthesizer and Violin ambience respectively to the film’s haunting score. Recording in his own Los Angeles studio, he used a variety of synthesizers to craft unique sounds that push the viewer deep into the films mystery.

“Working Justin and Aaron is great because they trust me to fully experiment with sounds and moods. We’ll have a meeting beforehand to talk about direction and what they’re envisioning for the film and I’ll then get to work trying to create that sound.” The films characters had a relationship to the traditional folk song, “the House of the Rising Sun” that was a reminder of the camp. So LaValle collaborated with vocalist Emily Zuzik to create a collection of haunting versions of the song to use throughout the film.

The Endless will be released Digitally on April 13th with a vinyl release to follow this summer. This is LaValle’s 10th film score since 2010.