Eliot Lipp The Outside

Release Date 07/12/2008

(Mush Records)

From Tacoma to San Francisco to Chicago to Los Angeles to New York, producer Eliot Lipp has always followed the music. Creating songs that, according to XLR8R, 'tickle days after the last spin,' he combines hip-hop influenced drum programming with the vintage synthesizer sounds found in the cutting edge electronic music of the 70s. Eliot Lipp's early career saw him vigorously honing his skill on the club circuit where his fresh and daring take on hip-hop impressed Scott Herren (Prefuse 73) so much that he put out his 2004 debut LP on Eastern Developments. Subsequent successful releases on Hefty Records have continued to expand his audience and refine his craft. Now, Mush is thrilled to bring offerings of Eliot Lipp's timeless yet novel interpretation of electro-funk to the people.

Eliot Lipp continues his impressive retooling of analog infused electro-funk with his latest full-length, The Outside, his first for Mush Records. Techno and hip-hop in their earliest, formative stages have inspired Eliot throughout his career, and form the common thread running through the album. Slick analogue synth work and tight drum programming abound, as Eliot deconstructs his influences to create something that is both recognizable and completely futuristic. For listeners who remember a time when electronic music had a little dirt under its fingernails, The Outside will truly capture your imagination.