Slothrust The Pact

Release Date 09/14/2018

(Dangerbird Records)

Boston band Slothrust's newest album, The Pact, opens with frontwoman Leah Wellbaum telling us, "I do what I want" on "Double Down," foreshadowing not just The Pact, but a motto for Slothrust as a band. Slothrust have always been forceful, experimental and unapologetically bizarre — and, as expected, The Pact follows suit.
Each of the 12 tracks harbours a unique identity. Sure, we can box Slothrust in by referring to them as a '90s-inspired grunge band, but The Pact proves them unafraid of breaking down those walls. We're still subjected to Wellbaum's lyrics, which are almost always about the seedy underbelly of mundane reality. Kyle Bann's bass riffs are still clean and Will Gorin's drumming still finds perfect balance between clean mechanics and static grunge. The Pact is familiar, yet still offers proof of growth.  - (Beth Bowles, Exclaim!)