Thad Kopec The Shadow and the Caster

Release Date 04/21/2017

(Self-Released )

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Thad Kopec’s particular style of baroque pop is rooted in the imaginative power of the night. During his formative years on a farm in Central Florida, frequent bouts of insomnia brought him into contact with the ambiguity of darkness. His songwriting voice, born in wakeful solitude and proximity to the dream-state, reckons with the mysteries of night that we find in the fabric of everyday life.
While he shares an intuitive lean with influences like Joanna Newsom and The National, Kopec experiments with a spectrum of sound and poetic image all his own; cryptic lyrics around his internal history and dense, restless composition add up to surprising emotional clarity and accessibility.

Kopec's upcoming album, The Shadow and the Caster, is a work both musical and literary in scope. It draws from the likes of Jorge Luis Borges, H.G. Wells, Flannery O'Connor, and John Donne, as well as a number of ancient mythologies and religious texts. While the afterglow of these imaginative spaces can be felt in the album's vast reaches, Kopec endeavors to create his own narrative worlds. As it moves through each of these worlds, The Shadow and the Caster goes into ineffable spaces in order to ask tangible questions. These questions are the ones we find ourselves asking in the waking hours of those nights when sleep doesn't find us, but some other thing. Some vastness that opens up inside of us that is silent and knowing, entirely mysterious and utterly intimate. It is here that Kopec's latest album seeks to take us: into the commonality of the mystery we all share.


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