Body of Light Time to Kill

Release Date 07/26/2019

(Dais Records)

In their 2019 LP Time to Kill, Body of Light finds themselves refining their brand of cold and driving synth pop with a bold pallet of sounds and a focus on newfound technique and purpose. Like the pale digital stare of the multitude of devices surrounding our daily lives, the songs weave stories of love and obsession in an era of technical bondage and fleeting exhilaration. That is not to say the album carries a message of pessimism, rather it’s meant to act as a startling reminder of how important our time is.Spanning 9 songs, the rhythm pounds infectiously and the synths penetrate like a knife. Produced by Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios in LA, the brothers found new intention through the sleek and heavy production offered. 

Written over a period of intense and profound change, this is an album that is set to stand apart from their previous output.


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