Vivian Girls Vivian girls

Release Date 10/03/2008

Behold the Vivian Girls. Just as their alluring name only became passed around mere months ago, this group of three upstart New York females have taken the noisy pop mantra and dipped it in pure gold, right out of the gate. With their debut 7" on their very own Plays With Dolls Records label already sending out waves of panic and adoration to the outer limits of the underground pop contingent, they have become the newest breakout sirens of the New York loft-pop brigade. Within seconds of hearing their seductive three-part girl group vocal harmonies lushly interwoven with chest-pounding rhythms of beautiful feedback, it's obvious that their songs are hard to resist, especially if you find yourself keen on the mid-80s noise pop conglomerate of Jesus & Mary Chain, The Vaselines, Black Tambourine, and Shop Assistants. The echo-filled songs resonate with such sweetness and provocative noise, that it culminates into a wall of beautiful vocals interplayed with a simple yet timeless beat that will have no problem crossing over genre lines and warming up to virtually anyone with an ounce of good taste.

Vivian Girls don't aim to break new ground, but the sheer innocence of their sound in this seething underground world of blistering sonic competition is as refreshing as a wet slap in the face, and the way they create such epically elemental songs out of two or three common chords that everyone has laying right in front of them is positively something you can't go on without. Swirling guitars topped with sweetly angelic voices is practically a can't-miss concoction, so with this kind of potential mass-appeal under their wings, don't be surprised to see your nosy neighbors and attention-starved friends to chime in with unabashed praise as In The Red Records has the good sense to snatch up the 'Girls with a proper reissue of their debut album right here, right now, and add a distinct brightness to one of the most important years of modern music.

-Â Â Â Todd Killings, VictimofTime.com 2008