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Boy Pablo

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Boy Pablo

"Sick Feeling" - single

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Boy Pablo

"Losing You" - Single

(U OK? / 777 records) NACC, FMQB

Boy Pablo has premiered new single ‘Losing You’, which is available today. An extensive European headline tour begins later this month, including two sold-out London shows in one night at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and Queen of Hoxton. Boy Pablo is currently working on his new EP (and finishing school) with more new music and touring plans to follow soon.

Born and raised in Norway by Chilean parents, Pablo Muñoz aka Boy Pablo is a 19-year-old songwriter and producer making bedroom pop songs for every walk of teenage life. Balancing breezy naivety with astute lyrical depth, dig beneath the surface of ‘Losing You’ and you’ll find a darker tale of corrupt love and manipulation: it’s effectively a fantasy tale of “when a girl doesn’t love a guy back, but he ‘knows’ that she wants him – it’s really weird and messed up.”

Boy Pablo is an old soul caught up in a thoroughly modern, DIY success story. As a kid, Youtube introduced him to The Beatles, whose melancholic pop (and mop of hair) – combined with strong, musical male role models like his father and brothers – inspired him to first start experimenting with Garageband and MacBooks aged 9 or 10. Putting snippets of ideas to digital tape and piecing them together over time in his childhood bedroom, Pablo is part of a generation who’ve grown up with a fully-realised home studio in their bedroom, and now have immediate access to a wider online world far beyond their fingertips….

Boy Pablo’s breakout moment proved to be ‘Everytime’, whose affecting, shoestring accompanying video - featuring Pablo and his pals frolicking in a Norwegian fjord – started to spread via word-of-mouth. Falling into discussions on Reddit and unknowingly picked up by Youtube’s recommended videos’ algorithm, ‘Everytime’ has since amassed a staggering 5 million+ hits, much to the bemusement of Boy Pablo and his close-knit circle (which includes 777, a YouTube channel turned record label in the wake of ‘Everytime’s success, staffed only by his closest friends).

But if luck and algorithms helped Boy Pablo find an audience, it’s the heart and soul at the core of his lovelorn, classic songwriting that kept them there – and is already building a truly global fanbase.