DWY spends his life roaming mostly in solitude, writing & recording music, with most of his time spent in London, Berlin and Los Angeles. Most recently DWY has been working out of the legendary XL Records studios.
DWY has no interest in fame, coming from the school of artists such where it's all about the art.
DWY grow up in South London, where he would hold parties in his teens at his fathers warehouse space, inviting his friends over to hang out all night on weekends.
DWY didn’t find his passion for writing until his late teens, spending his youth reading Encyclopedias, and at the tender age of 16 went to university, where music went from a way to hang out with the older kids, to an obsession of passion, leading him to spend his final year in a flat with no furniture just music equipment, skipping class to write songs. 
Now DWY is emerging from behind the scenes as a songwriter, to release his debut mixtape “8-Bit Memories”